City of Magic and science

This is set in the Victoria age. A time of the steam punk and wizard wars.

A Malkavian elder is the self proclaimed prince of this domain. Nothing supernatural may exist within this city without his approval. Or so he feels is the truth. Basically Vampires fall under his rule the rest are apart of another aspect of everything. But his level of mastery of the school of magic has gotten the attention of the Order of Logic and the other mystical things and groups out there.

The city has hidden a castle upon the Saddle of a hill top over looking the valley from an Island in the middle of a hidden lake, that has long since been forgotten. The castle is fully functional with three towers. Each tower has a color, Red, Black, and White. Each Color represents a school of Magic, as he defines it.

Hidden within these walls are mortals and kindred alike that he has gathering information and training in the arts of Magic.

He feels he is the last of the druids, Merlin the keeper of the ancient wisdom of his people. His Castle is upon Avalon forgotten by all and hidden from there view.

He has designed a type of thaum for Malkavians specifically. You must be a malk and must gain his attentions for him to even consider you worthy of the ancient druidic wisdom.

To be allowed into his city you must bring with you Magic of some sort that he does not have yet. This gift of knowledge will gain you access to his city.

Tremere hate him and have a clan blood hunt called upon him and want the destruction of his city. Yet here in his city he is law. The camarilla are here, Sabbat, and Anarchs. He accepts them all as long as you have magic to share.

He has no rule against who can have Magic, he will teach it in trade for new knowledge after you have gain entrance to his city. He repays favors with magic. The tremere want him dead for this. He in this denounces there claim upon magic and this cannot me allowed.

No one ever sees him, yet everyone has heard him at least once within there minds.

City of Magic and science

Game Idea Voidoblivion