world history

The year is 2052:

Corporations control 85% of the world governments. In the eyes of the CAM they are winning the War:
In truth Technocracy is winning the Ascension wars as the Weaver now is stronger then both the wyrm and the wyld. Gia No longer is free but bound by the weaver just as the wyrm is.

Giant Metropolises have been made, the largest of these is Magatropolis. Here they control society and are able to keep an eye on the masses.

the world has its own sickness that is within their hearts, they are forgetting how to dream, imagine, think, Society is becoming stagnant and complacent. For kindred it just makes it easier to control them. But that also brings out the parts of society that are in their death throws fighting this. This stagnation is Killing off parts of Gia and the wyrm. Starving them of freedom and life.

world history

Game Idea Voidoblivion