Vampire Supernatural Template

Attributes Add 2 to Primary, Add 1 to Secondary

Abilities Add 2 to Primary, Add 2 to Secondary (note: you can choose Vampire / Sect Specific abilities now

  • Anarch: Add 1 to primary, Add 1 to Secondary


  • Cam & Anarch: Choose 3 Disciplines 2 must be in clan
  • Sabbat: Chooses 4 Disciplines 2 must be in clan
    note: If out of clan is chosen it can not be a clan specific Discipline.


  • Cam: +5 Vampire Specific Merits
  • Sabbat: No Bonus, Sabbat cannot Start with Mortal Influences based Merits.
  • Anarch: +5 Bonus Merit points

Morality: 7

Sabbat: May begin on a Path that is not Humanity. Either way the Sabbat inductions will strip up to two levels of Morality. At this point the ST/Player will roll to see if they gained a derangement for each level lost.

Morality: 6 = Path of humanity, Path of harmony, Path of Honorable accord.
Morality: 5 = all other paths.

Each level lost = 5 XP to be spent at creation, each Derangement gained is 3XP

It is players option as to how much they will loose or they can make a roll for it and see if they loose anything or gain any mental disorders.

Cam and anarchs: you have the option of lowering your humanity by 1 and gaining a derangement but you cannot start on a path.

Indies: if they choose a path they must lower their morality by 1 for 5 xp but a derangement is optional.

  • Background Generation: Is now a Merit buy it up as such, all kindred start with 1 level of Generation. Chart is bellow.

Clan Weakness Record the clans weakness they are the same as they were in OWoD. (dice system chances is all)

XP Costs:

X= Times New Rate.

Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3
Clan or Bloodline Discipline New dots x 5
Other Discipline* New dots x 7
Ritual level x 2
Merit New dots x 2
Humanity or Path dots x 3

Ghouls and Revenants


Ghoul: 1 physical Discipline from the Clan of your Dom’s and 1 Additional Discipline of Dom’s choice.

Morality: roll to see if you loose one point.

Revenant: Per OWoD for Discipline Spread.
Morality: 6 can roll to lower to 5
Sabbat Rev’s can start on a Path (St discretion)
Dom not needed for the first 100yrs.


Blood Potency Attribute/Skill/Discipline Maximum Max Vitae/Max Vitae per Turn Vampires can feed from…
|15th|-1|5|6/1|Animals only|
|14th|0|5|8/1|Amimals +|
|13th|1|5|10/1|Animals +|
|12th|2|5|11/1|Animals +|
|11th|3|5|12/1| Humans|
|10th|4|5|13/2| Humans|
|9th|5|5|14/2| Humans|
|8th|6|6|15/3| Humans|
|5th|9|9|50/10| Vampires|
|4th|10|10|100/15| Vampires|

Each kindred begins with Generation 1. they may choose to buy up there gen and or sell their Gen for XP.

14th Gen: 5 XP, gain the flaw thin blood, takes twice as much blood to create a blood blond for ghouls and they must be fed twice as often, you have no Clan.

15th Gen: 5 XP, gain thin blood, cannot ghoul people, cannot embrace, can only feed on animals, has a chance to get a female pregnant with and have a Daphier child, You have no clan.


Game Idea Voidoblivion