Geographic's with cities of the area to include politics

The City is like a Giant Spiral growing towards the Sky while deep into the earth. From it 8 branches spread out into organized worker groups, that produce energy and water for the city. Each Megatropolis is mapped and build in geographical and mathematical perfect locations around the globe. Each city is Numbered, Each city has gridded areas that produce Scientifically enhanced crops and meat sources to keep the populations properly fed and maintained. There are small gridded communities within the production grids that are for maintenance. No one is permanently stationed in any location.

The city for the setting covers hundreds of miles. branches reach into places known to day as California, Arizona, Navada, and mexico. The Center of the City is 100 miles wide riding the boarder of what was known at one time as Arizona, California and Mexico.

Other Megatrapalises.

Souther part of lake michigan
what was once seatle washington
What was once NYC
What was once Miami
What was once Panama
what was once London
what was once Leningrad
What was once Berlin
What was once Paris
What was once Rome
What was once (india capital)
what was once Beijing
what was once Bangcock
What was once (austria capitol)
Newzeal is a free state
What was once Quebec

Geographic's with cities of the area to include politics

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