City stats

sprawling Metropolis with 80 million people, the suburbs are 60 miles out from the city it self reaching into mexico, California, Arizona and Nevada. It is a Joint city between the United States and Mexico. Were the factories on both sides of the boarder met and employee 60 million common laborers.

This place is a sprawling cultural melting pot. 40% Hispanic, 20% Caucasian, 15% of African Decent, 15% Asian decent and the final 10% is Native American.

The city has its 2% area for the ultra rich, 5% rich, 8% Upper middle class, 12%Middle class, 20% Upper Lower class, 30% Lower class, and 32% Dirt Poor

Supernatural Stats

Vampire 45%
Changing breeds 10%
Fae 5%
Demon 2%
Mummy 1%
Mage 30%
KOE 2%
Other 5%

Vampire Break down:

Sabbat 30%
Cam 40%
Indy 10%
Anarch 15%
Damphier 5%
Revenants (unknown Numbers)

Mage break Down:

Technocracy 75%
Orders 25%

City stats

Game Idea Voidoblivion